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  1. RF Account Manager

    Please check the post i add video tutorial how to setup connection
  2. Gate to Heavens Project

    Now Playing
  3. GTH Alpha Test Now Open

    Extraction Password Sir
  4. RF Account Manager

    Are you using localhost? if you are then change the instance Name to "MSSQLSERVER"
  5. RF Account Manager

    Please read my reply on your previous comment...
  6. RF Account Manager

    ow sorry dont use input item directly just select item in listview let the listview put the code directly to the itemcode box... if you want to give weapon just select item type combobox then select weapon and click Load Data then select an item from the list
  7. RF Account Manager

    when did you get that error?
  8. RF Account Manager

    Can you post the sql error message? and also change your Authentication to "Windows Authentication" because i use a trusted connection no password This is the connection string i use "Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDataBase;Trusted_Connection=yes;" so password not needed if you are using localhost
  9. RF Account Manager

    If you are using Online connection just make sure you add your ip address to server firewall or make an exception. but if you are using local host just fill the serverconfig form and save then run the application again... Please check the last image
  10. RF Account Manager

    Good day guys... i would like to share again my simple tools of rf account i called this tools as RF Account Manager 1. Add new user account 2. Instant Level, Give Gold, Race money, Exp, PVP Points, Gold Points, Process Points to the character 3. Give Item to Character 4. Give Premium Service to the account 5. Display Banned List 6. Display Deleted character from the account 7. Can Connect Online or Localhost (localhost is set to trusted connection so password is not needed). 8. Config sql connection to "connection_string.ini" For more info please check the image attachment... Mediafire : Click to download Mega : Click to download 4Shared : Click to download
  11. RF-Dev in 2018

    Happy New Year...............
  12. Marry Christmas RF-Dev

    Hello every one i would like to great you a Marry Marry Christmas
  13. Your Client is not latest version

    remove the verkey code in worldsystem.ini not it the rfonline.bin and also if the problem cause is in the map the error will be "inaccurate bla bla something"
  14. Web Emulator

    1. what port i need listening ? Any port but make sure the port is not use by other... if you want to check port if use or not.. ask mr. google.com how 2. u not give tutorial full , and where i must place IncUpdate ? did you read the instruction? >>>> "2. Copy and paste your update files from update folder for the client update or full patch for the client full patch" ask mr. google.com how to make an update using IncUpdate and where you put the file
  15. Web Emulator

    Try to change your port or check if you have .net framework 3.5 installed