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  1. All Ticket to Ether and vice versa

    yes i have a backup i add new scroll and new weapon and it is ok but last i remember i add new HDH for rented item and the problem came up....
  2. Need some advice for gamecp hosting

    Hello guys i need your advice where is the best hosting for gamecp or any hosting the you can refer... i try to host my gamecp to godaddy but it is lo slow
  3. All Ticket to Ether and vice versa

    Thanks for the reply sir by the way i think my item.edf have a bug i change other item.edf and it works
  4. All Ticket to Ether and vice versa

    That is not the correct client side conversion and i already test same problem
  5. All Ticket to Ether and vice versa

    Store_ListCount and Limit_ListCount Yes i know this but is my SS sorry i can't attached anymore a file so here is link Ticket Item https://prnt.sc/j6n229 Item https://prnt.sc/j6n20w https://prntscr.com/j6n1z3 https://prntscr.com/j6n1xh https://prntscr.com/j6n1vf If you click the first index the mouse will transfer to Helmet in your ware armor
  6. All Ticket to Ether and vice versa

    Good day RF-Dev i have a question and how to solve this issue... i have put a ticket to npc but the problem is the ticket is blank only even i generate it no item found but i check already if the item is exist in game and yes it is... is there any one encounter this issue?
  7. RF GameCP V2

  8. RF GameCP V2

    Where to access the panel
  9. Zone Exit Problem

    Yes Sir i remove Space from folder name and i change to RFZLog and it works fine
  10. Zone Exit Problem

    Problem Solved.... Solution Remove Blank Space from Log Directory Name and Server Name
  11. Zone Exit Problem

    Good day guys I have a problem of the zone server when someone is in the lobby and then click exit button the zone server will close even there is a player in the game is there any body experience this kind of problem? and what is the possible cause of this problem.
  12. NPC Problem

    But you can hack the file if you want to use PVP Points to buy stack-able item using PVP Points. in client side change to race currency and the server side pvppoints
  13. Auto Notice Removal

    Goto YorozuyaSG folder and open global.jason to notepad or notpad++ then find name addon.advert and change the activated to false { "name": "addon.advert", "config": { "activated": true, <=== Change to false "records": [ { "delay": 600, "hide_for_premium": true, "message": "Vote for this server and take bonus" } ] } },
  14. Also the problem he did not input the port after
  15. To work in oline you need to change that ip to your ISP