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  1. RF online early closed Beta from ~2002

    Hmm should we test out the meshes from a higher version then post some pictures so its more accurate to show the differences?
  2. A person messaged me asking for a guide to make their own EDF to DAT and back tool. I figured might of well just put it in the guide section as hopefully there are more people actually interested in writing code themselves. The basic process of the making the file comes down to knowing how to work with a math term known as XOR. The very first part of rf obfuscated filetypes is the password to use on the rest of the file. In C# here is an example of using Xor: public static void EncryptData(byte[] data, byte[] key) { if (data == null){ throw new ArgumentNullException("data");} if (key == null) { throw new ArgumentNullException("key"); } if (key.Length == 0) { throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("key can not be empty"); } for (int i = 0; i < 128; i++) // key.Length should be 128 for texture files, haven't checked .edf files yet { data[i] = (byte)(data[i] ^ key[i % key.Length]); } } data refers to all the values that come after the key. After calling EncryptData the data will be ready to be written out as a .dat file or any other file type /use it internally in your own program. To make an EDF again write the key first then the data after it has been re XORed.
  3. Client RF 2.2.3 BsB

    Haven't used it myself but I think it should be Clean-ish as its the Official Russian one. Not my link, its from someone called "grandmst20" on a different forum. https://mega.nz/#!tBdGFbYb!urEfBgreO9Lm4Wo4mKn5JlEplBlHg6lLbzbrcGQ_Dhg
  4. Fix Collision Cora map [not sure]

    Try playing with the settings for using Static vs .dll libraries in the project and also build configurations (Don't remember the right one off hand but those do matter, the config for tools is not the same one used for building other rf projects. ). CMMIIW but that error is related to a newer static library than the compiler your using (Lib was compiled in a newer version than what your using).
  5. Fix Collision Cora map [not sure]

    I'll give you a hint.
  6. RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    Just a note for false positives, the server to client check logic (baseline at least) came from an in progress tool of mine for making an item.edf. The tool hasn't had the time spent yet to handle these sections so the following very well could be false positives. When I handle the blocks in my tool any adjustments done will make it into Agony's tool too. ForceItem UnitKeyItem BootyItem MapItem TOWNItem BattleDungeonItem AnimusItem GuardTowerItem TrapItem SiegeKitItem TicketItem EventItem RecoveryItem BoxItem FIRECRACKER UNmannedminer RadarItem NPCLink CouponItem UnitPart UnitBullet ItemMakeData ItemCombine
  7. (SOLVED)Adding new weapon skin

    Eliminate variables. See if a standard weapon of the same type as what your adding aligns correctly with the new resource section you added. From there:
  8. RF online early closed Beta from ~2002

    Crag mine isn't that different Beyond barricades, map entrances and the core its pretty much the same as modern if you don't count monster spawns... Kinda surprised you didn't show bellato entrance of Craig Mine. Cora Summoner has Paimon sort of working... Inanna is questionable with Hecate and Isis definitely not usable... Early enough version cora specs don't have sealed animus to use.
  9. Video Guide Making A C++ Launcher

    The Guy has a C++ dat editor playlist too, just didn't mention it. Dat Editor Basics
  10. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    For Buffer have you thought about having it done via npc as an option instead of chat? Here's a picture for clarity.
  11. Video Guide Making A C++ Launcher

    I made it an attachment now so there shouldn't be any GDrive issues from too many folks downloading or etc.
  12. Video Guide Making A C++ Launcher

    Somebody else made a video series for people that wanted to learn to write their own launcher from scratch. I'm just posting links to it. Its in Russian but c++ itself is a universal language. Curious - Investigator's Video Series The person even includes sourcecode for the project. rf-Launcher-SourceCode.rar
  13. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Pinned as I'm sure plenty of people will appreciate this.
  14. Reload script without Quit Zone Server

    What are you trying to test via reloading scripts? Majority of the things I can think of can actually can be solved by writing a program to externally test what would happen. Assuming your understanding of game mechanics is sound it would be faster for multiple rounds of testing than in-game ever would be.
  15. Left Side Council Spots "None"

    Have you read this article before? https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/811534/utime-sometimes-fails-to-set-the-correct-file-times-in-visual-c-2013