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  1. Video Guide Making A C++ Launcher

    The Guy has a C++ dat editor playlist too, just didn't mention it. Dat Editor Basics
  2. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    For Buffer have you thought about having it done via npc as an option instead of chat? Here's a picture for clarity.
  3. Video Guide Making A C++ Launcher

    I made it an attachment now so there shouldn't be any GDrive issues from too many folks downloading or etc.
  4. Video Guide Making A C++ Launcher

    Somebody else made a video series for people that wanted to learn to write their own launcher from scratch. I'm just posting links to it. Its in Russian but c++ itself is a universal language. Curious - Investigator's Video Series The person even includes sourcecode for the project. rf-Launcher-SourceCode.rar
  5. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Pinned as I'm sure plenty of people will appreciate this.
  6. Reload script without Quit Zone Server

    What are you trying to test via reloading scripts? Majority of the things I can think of can actually can be solved by writing a program to externally test what would happen. Assuming your understanding of game mechanics is sound it would be faster for multiple rounds of testing than in-game ever would be.
  7. Left Side Council Spots "None"

    Have you read this article before? https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/811534/utime-sometimes-fails-to-set-the-correct-file-times-in-visual-c-2013
  8. [SOLVED] RF Tool

    DatEditor is Structorian.... Here is the source code to build it yourself is here:
  9. Its not exactly the ideal solution (people will find ways to abuse/misuse this) but someone else might be able to work with this idea/ build off it more. Premium Cafe items could sort of do what your looking for. Would be something along the lines of when the gvg is scheduled giving the players premium status until the gvg is over.
  10. Have you tried untradeable, undropable, only obtainable via manually giving players the item then tracking who is in what guild? Only potential headache would be keeping track of when people switch guilds.
  11. Gate to Heavens Project

    Also if you have ideas for new things feel to suggest them. Can't say we will implement them *eventually* but we will at least discuss why we like it or not.
  12. Radar Costume

    If I'm not mistaken
  13. Model Editing

    How best to explain it...
  14. Model Editing

    Ya... Anyways the "map" plugin doesn't make bsp, they make the base format that then gets split between map and item models if your using CCR's workflow. Those motivated enough can ditch that 2012 plugin and use something else altogether.