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  1. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    I see that ron :D. I only say again. Not all 00. Sometimes structorian program "DatEditor" generating random extra bytes. Sometimes the program write the struct as extra bytes, sometimes program write random from memory data. And sometimes some peoples doesnt have a good structure of .strs Thats why i post how to count it.
  2. RF GameCP V2

    " when some people ", and me too modified css of their rzr gcp when some "customer" request for that.
  3. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    not all 00 Byte is extra byte, some script have 00 in end of file. Some Information About Script : Black Block : Total Rows of the current script. Red Block : Total Struct of current script. Orange Block : Total Size of Structure. Here's How To Calculate : (Black Block * Orange Block) + Count 3 Block Of This Information (3* 4 Byte) = End Of File (Real Size Of Files). The Rest Of This is Extra Bytes. Example : (417*1044) + 12 = 435360 End Of Files Look Like this : For Client is difference, Client doesnt contain information about Red Block, Only contain 2 information, so the formula is : (Black Block * Orange Block) + 2 Block Of This Information (2* 4 Byte) : This is an example of Item.dat ( Splitted ) : But there's already tools for this, to remove extra bytes, u can download it for massive remove extra bytes.
  4. CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    add column 'LovelLevel' for that.
  5. RF GameCP V2

    copying the rayzer css =) , therefore before rayzer only use 1 css skins, 1 bootstrap which Slate. The original was default bootstrap skins. then story changed, when some people / like me give an option to ppl giving them a choice a skin of GCP / requested modified of GCP rzr skins. is not copying the rayzer, but it was a css from bootstrap skin, https://bootswatch.com for more information.
  6. FREE Services Convert Server To Client Side

    i'm sorry, but the services is to convert SERVER to CLIENT. WeaponItem.dat to Client, not to server
  7. FREE Services Convert Server To Client Side

    Convert to?
  8. About Dialy quets

    NPCLink.dat, Quest.dat, with option "Repeat Time", or just see the exist daily quest on RF Online, u can make a new one from there. create new quest in Quest, then put the Quest Code to NPCLink + NPC Code. boom u got new daily quest from NPC >.<
  9. About Dialy quets

    i dont get it, what do u mean ?
  10. [HELP]Template Corfokit version

    By default corfokit template is like database. Fish only edit the extension. But why need recreate templates when u got 223 templates, make copy of that. And edit the structure templates for script u need. and look like this :
  11. [HELP]Template Corfokit version

    Hmmm as far i know is not made by Ron . For templates 2232 u can made ur own, but the function may not work. Because the program tools is required a template structure
  12. RF Europe

    yaaa, when i check the website and fanspage. i'm was thinking " It's really made by an official server ?"
  13. RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    so when i'm using it. in my opinion, why need RFStore client files ? why not use server side only ? for NDStore we can use StoreList_str.dat / NPCCharacter, and NPC_Chat (maybe because big data ? ). another question is : - Why you not put Store Type / Button edit, this tools only allow us to edit script - I still don't know how to add new item to NPC using this tools on client side, how ? when i save only server side is modified
  14. request open-world fail

    probably because port already used / difference server name with AccountLogin
  15. CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    oh i just realize, i'm sorry @Roslaw, i reply this thread when i wake up. This is my fault, yes, i want type made by someone is "roslaw", i reply when remembering i make some modification to this query with parts of "check war", big apologize from me . and i'm not modif the part of variable *Sorry bang, gw mau nulis by roslaw, malah made by me. sorry banget bang