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  1. Need some advice for gamecp hosting

    Using same host or region. + CloudFlare Cache integration
  2. RF Online Project Document by ODIN Team

    Oh thanks @Ron, the current web image host updated their system that makes old pic is unavailable. Ill fix it later if i have free time
  3. Do you need 8080 or can i use 8181

    You can PM me. Its easy to change to custom port.
  4. All Ticket to Ether and vice versa

    Its like item on golden pig npc, there are column that used to add counted item. *if im not wrong. Store_ListCount and Limit_ListCount
  5. RF GameCP V2

    Just login with account that have super admin access.
  6. All Users Premium Service

    Nice, but it designed for dev-corp billing. Other/most db only used tbl_UserStatus.
  7. All Users Premium Service

    Sorry im not good on sql, but you can use php with sql query. Output all username and set to insert all.
  8. Help on setup

    Firewall port: inbound Php ver 5.2 using mssql connect method. Php ver 5.3 and above using sqlsrv connect method. Windows and linux can be used as webserver. Linux can be used as launcher emulator too, works with auto update launcher. IP scope only works on static IP address.
  9. RF GameCP V2

    try localhost instead local IP
  10. RF GameCP V2

    Wrong host, blocked port.
  11. Premium Service Problem / Processing Point

    > wrong config or bad files Very weird.
  12. Try this, stay using the current db. I don't know if it match with your db.
  13. BILLING db from Roslaw for dev-corp its little bit different from usual db. So you need reconfigure it. Its easy, dont need any sql procedure. You can use sql query with php. And i supose in this forum, there a member know how to do it.
  14. Source Code Launcher C#

    "How to change redmoon?" - maybe him want to change the window title. And the problem (crash) its not caused by the title. "i need copy?" - he don't know how to change the title, so in him mindset "i need copy the rf.exe properties or files to blablala." I need to put my brain in refrigerator after read this question. I'm not sure about this too.