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  1. Hi guys, now ill share cash shop files and working good. Maybe outhere there is many server files but didn't match to your current client. This files include server dan client file, also query to add cash coin manually. You can using your own app to add premium service and cash coin. Tested on server. SQL Query Or DB source RusBill, ZoneServer set to RU Credit: Roslaw (sql query) Working Cash Coin File.rar
  2. Database Error

    Maybe error is caused by existing database in your sql. create registration form based on table list. Id to pin Backup your server, and clean all db. Try register an id for testing. And use untouch script and zone.exe. "trial and error" Why pin form is 'NULL'?
  3. Useful Queries For RF Online

    you must restart the zone for apply the changes.
  4. Database Error

    try this RF_User.rar
  5. How To Remove The Role Exp Tips

    what do you mean ? pop-up max pvp point/daily ?
  6. How To Remove The Role Exp Tips

    Follow the novanakal step. 1. Open Your Zoneserver.exe with Hex EditorFind This Offset :a. 0x028E7C6b. 0x0215CE9and you'll see 84 and 74. Now change it.a. 84 to 85b. 74 to 75ok is done. 2. Now Last Step.Open your WorldInfo.ini in Zoneserver/Worldinfo/Find this [ServerMode] BuyCashItemByGold = false ;Ñóùåñòâóåò 2øò(Internal è Release) ReleaseType = Internal ExcuteService = false Just Edit ReleaseType = Release and DONE,...Nb: Offset © to Edaks
  7. Database Error

    Better using tbl_rfaccount instead tbl_RFTestAccount. I dont remember how to fix it, but i have the db with fix included.
  8. [HELP] New PLayer Get Costume Item

    [CLASS REFINE EVENT] ENABLE = FALSE START_DATE = 20101010 END_DATE = 20110101 LIMIT_COUNT = 3 [PcBang Favor] USE = FALSE <<<< change to TRUE [Time Limit] Use = FALSE
  9. Database Error

    have you edit something before in your server files / script ? i got the same problem with you in last project but solved with restore the backup files.
  10. Database Error

    beacause you're using unfixed rf_user.db files. server is offline/online ?
  11. hi guys, i want to share character.strs for RF GU, btw i have many character.strs from other forum, but not working at all. i just fix the strs and combine with other, so i dont know to who credits for. now all struct is working. Character.rar
  12. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Awesome release !! i hope in the future zone reload without closing zone is added
  13. Your Client is not latest version

    i dont know about this file completly, somefile is merged in one folder, this is my old backup. maybe i should remove this file before getting blame. hahahaha
  14. Useful Offsets

    time to share here my old strs for multi login RF GU
  15. Your Client is not latest version

    disable verkey (see blackrose quotes) and use this bin Verkey offset: 0x64D0F0