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  1. Problem RFSRePack

    Trank You. =)
  2. Problem RFSRePack

    I solved the problem I was having for now, but I did not quite understand how the .rft textures works. Are they linked to .msh or something?
  3. Problem RFSRePack

    I am trying to merge these .msh files. I do not know why but there must be some collapse. I multiplied an existing .msh just changed the number to a new one and changed it in the resource.edf. When I give repack the size is the same as the original file. However, I take a critical error. For some reason when I do unpack in the repacked file. It does not give unpacker with all the files.
  4. How to edit .eff file?

    You can find Character textures or Item (./ Tex) by typing what you want to edit. You unpack in the .rfs and edit the .dds in photoshop. To edit the texture of eff, just open the .eff with strs or with hex. That you find the effect texture directory .dds.
  5. How to edit .eff file?

    I think this has to do with EffectList, I'm learning too. Look for the .eff code of the item and its index. (EffectList) Ex: (EffectFileList.txt) 531 .\Chef\Eff\BELCOR_WEAPON_TSTAFF_196_LV0.EFF 0 532 .\Chef\Eff\BELCOR_WEAPON_TSTAFF_196_LV1.EFF 0 533 .\Chef\Eff\BELCOR_WEAPON_TSTAFF_196_LV4.EFF 0 534 .\Chef\Eff\BELCOR_WEAPON_TSTAFF_196_LV7.EFF 0 (PatternList.txt) 531 531 532 532 532 533 534 534 534 534 If you want to leave the appearance of +7 is to change the values you want.
  6. Problem with Particle.ini

    No. Thank you. I'm learning that now. What does Particle D1 and D2 mean?
  7. Problem with Particle.ini

    So I'm transferring some skins with effects. I was able to successfully pass the effectfilelist.txt, itemeffectlist.txt. However I am having problem in particle.ini. I added the particles.ini from other particles.ini that I was transferring. I did the following way I copied and pasted. And renumbered them for example the last one of mine ended by 500, then I edited the index 501 ... until finished. I do not know if I jumped anywhere. But when I use my particle.ini the effects are not visible, when I use the original works perfectly as expected.
  8. Help with Loot Skin in the Ground

    Maybe this method can not 100% functional I've heard about this filter. Some edit the meshes, others use cheat engine or programs.
  9. Adding new weapon skin

    Maybe the problem is in .ani
  10. Combine Item at Hero

    Check the CombineTable2.dat
  11. Adding new weapon skin

    I have never faced this problem, something must be related to the skin or resource.edf files. Have you checked the skin(ani,bone) and resource.edf files?
  12. [FIX] Cash Related: Item Price is Different

    Files needed to do editing. You can find it here: https://www.rf-dev.net/topic/172-pack-rf-online-development/
  13. [FIX] Cash Related: Item Price is Different

    The CashShop.dat (Server) must be compatible with ItemCash.edf (Client) If one side has a different value, it causes this error.
  14. Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    Very good the guide nuna, I did not know this function of the emulator. Can the launcher connect to different servers (IP)? If possible it would be possible to do tunnel to improve ping in several regions on international servers.

    Forbidden question, the emulator by default blocks the use of port 80 is used to update. try to access by If you want to leave port 80 released to apache, you will have to change the ports in the files and launcher.exe.