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  1. Auto Cash Regen

    hi can someone give me a good query for auto regen cash RU nation code 10 cash per minute thanks
  2. RF GameCP V2

    already fix nuna
  3. RF GameCP V2

    I have little confuse i use RU nation so all account will go tbl_RFTestAccount when i try register it say but im already execute email and btcode to rftestaccount any free hands to help me out? Failed to insert the User Account data into the database. Contact an administrator. nevermind already fix by myself
  4. [HELP]Template Corfokit version

    i forgot to say credit by ron for re upload sorry for that
  5. RF GameCP V2

    First its not "CRACK" let say that was "DECODE" you don't even need ioncuber once you decode it.Because ioncuber programm also they use to make license or protect your php files.But if your decode programm not good some code was missing like words of "DEFINE".If you got problem like "WHITE PAGE" that means there's have missing code on that page so you need to "DEBUG" the page and you will see the line have missing code.If you asking "HOW TO DEBUG THE PAGE" it's many tutorial on google.com.
  6. I hate the time i make RF Online PSD Website and make a php code from the scratch
  7. RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    whenever your php files was encode to ioncuber you can still stole the files if you know how to decode the encode files to ioncuber but after you decode it some code missing and you will get problem like white page if you get white page problem you need to debug it so you will know what line was have missing code
  8. Useful Queries For RF Online

    Use RF_World Truncate Table tbl_patriarch_candidate; try this one
  9. Help add new map

    i keep this strs long time ago i hope this strs can help you out Click to download
  10. [HELP]Template Corfokit version

    Credit by ????
  11. RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    I will release new version once @Ron will agree on it once he agree i will send the link
  12. RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    im not sure but aaron was old owner of interpid i search also dragon gcp and try to decode it PS: im not a kind person destroy other people work im just trying to help other person to keep thier money and spend to other thing
  13. RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    i have already this new version i will let ron first about this so no one will pay monthly for gcp only
  14. (SOLVED) Cash Item List

    Better make your own feature atleast you know side on the files
  15. (SOLVED) Cash Item List

    Its too many have this even tools you can use it