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  1. Site Maintenance [2017-09-20]

    check this out @Ron i don't think if we can use this here https://community.mybb.com/thread-73891.html
  2. Old RF Dev Member

    no hard feelings for other forum for me this is 100% good forum before i miss this site so much and i miss you so much you too @Ron to be moderator on RZ before you are very helpfull without insulting
  3. Chip War Schedule

    did you restart you zoneserver?
  4. About yellow word properties

    give me your contact i will help you out
  5. Chip War Schedule

    so, been researching on this thing 1 hour ago, and it only took 15 minutes or so to figure it out, this is easy, yet so many people don't know how to do it, or they simply doesn't care about it.hahahahabefore i research on this, i have done the research long time ago (when i still using giga 4 kaswynn server) but i simply doesn't care, i only know, but never tried it out, and now, i've tried this tutorial/guide on 2232 server (i'm sure this guide work for all the server version)with this guide, you might be able to add more CW (more than 3) if you wishi won't show how to fully editing them, as it would be a pain to explained it one by one.tools you need : dat editor/structorian schedule.strs structure/strs files of course (you can create it from guide here) hex editor for editing (optional) open your dateditor/structorian load your schedule.strs structure open schedule.dat from you zone script folder there's m_nHour column (this mean your hour on your clock) and m_nMin (this one is minutes in your clock)in the standart schedule.dat War start time is on 06.00, 14.00 and 22.00 and the countdown for war is (05.00, 13.00 and 21.00) (CMIIW)after you open schedule.dat, make sure you use table view,now to make your life much easier :look at this picture, "right click" on m_nHour column tab (i pointed it with arrow in the pic), click on "Filter..."and type : 5,6,13,14,21,22 then click on "set filter"after that, only value with 5,6,13,14,21,22 will appear on the picturesnext, click on the m_nMin do the same like m_nHour column, click on filter, and fill with 0 and click on set filter,next do the same with the column m_nEventInfo2, click on filter, type 1-3now your dateditor should look exactly as the pictures,i'll explained it now,5,6,13,14,21,22 is the hour, as you know, hour on your clock 05.00=hour 5, minutes 0minutes is filled with 0, because war is started from 00 minutes,m_nEventInfo2 filled with 1-3, 1=1st war, 2=2nd war, 3=3rd warwar countdown start : event code=1, m_nEventInfo2=0, m_nEventInfo2=number of warwar start battle : event code=1, m_nEventInfo2=1, m_nEventInfo2=number of warthat is it, if you wish to change your schedule you can easily change the hour (i'm not tested this one)or you might need to insert a new line between hour you want, and delete the old line war time, the most easy way to accomplish this is using Hex Editor for me. not gonna show it, since it will take lot of time, and so pain to explained it with this, you might be able to add more CW, more than 3, but i doubt it would be that easily, if adding more block to your schedule (if you wish to add more CW) doesn't work, you might need to edit schedule event, or event script (not sure about it)with this guide, you can messed up or change the war schedule as you wish, it's not limited to 8 hour once to war, you can do 5 hour, 9 hour, and the last 10 hour.Note : i only tested to change the war schedule, never try to add more war to add more war, you may need to edit the initialize too Credits by likertuban from RZ
  6. Help Create The New CashShop

    ok then i will wait for it so we can help you
  7. Site Maintenance [2017-09-20]

    @Ron if is possible you will add nick style?
  8. Help Create The New CashShop

    can you give screenshot about your problem so we can help you easily?
  9. Old RF Dev Member

    hi @Ron im your old member since i was play rf poa and check old rf dev website learn to make my own rf server anyway im a php coder and rf online coder i owned rf online service website but i will not advertise here its nice to be back i will be active here