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  1. Today, the system hosting RF-Dev experienced an unexpected outage. The cause of the outage is being investigated. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  2. Oh, I see. There is a similar mod on the IPB marketplace that I could use. However for now we were keeping normal members the default color. I usually like to reserve username colors for special usergroups. There are some groups with various benefits I wanted to create, and a colored username gives more meaning to them. For example, moderators are the only special color right now so that they stand out more. There are some community driven groups we are going to add as well, and its cool for members in those groups to have something a little different. More details on that later...
  3. Skill Animation: Double Crash

    Check this thread:
  4. Mr. Ron

    I was referring to a GameCP. If your game CP is hosted remotely at a web host, such as a shared cPanel web host provider, you will need to open the MSSQL port on your RF server for it to connect to your database. By default, this port is 1433. Your web host will also need to allow port 1433 outgoing, if they block outgoing ports. You will need to enable TCP/IP in the SQL server configuration manager. Enabling named pipes is not required, but you can do so if you wish.
  5. Old RF Dev Member

    Welcome back! I have a backup of the old forums, but unfortunately I lost the database backup. Its nice to see some of the older members returning. =)
  6. RF 2.1.5 Server Files

    I'm not fully sure what you mean, I apologize. This is just server files. I don't have a fully functioning 2.1.5 client yet. I have a few clients to test but I haven't had much free time recently.
  7. Send me a link for it and I'll check it out.
  8. RF Episode 1

    A post will be made when it is ready.
  9. RF Episode 1

    Not available yet, sorry.
  10. RF Episode 1

    It is a team project. We'll make more announcements soon.
  11. RF Episode 1

    Yes... We've been developing the source but recent progress is slow.
  12. RF 2.1.5 Server Files

    Yes, this is only the server files. The original release was by Wolf88. This only includes some small fixes and file cleanup. All standard exploits / hacks for 2.1.5 exist in these files. I have a client but it is not fully tested yet.
  13. New Sword

    Moved this to the Art section. Interesting sword.
  14. Gate to Heavens Project

    Welcome! =) I'm quite busy with IRL stuff at the moment. I am still continuing work on this as I have extra time. I was considering putting up a public test server. It would speed up development even if I just had other people reporting bugs. Would you be interested?
  15. Character nowhere in time/space @ HQ

    Likely ODBC or maybe edition differences then. I used MSSQL 2005 (non-express) for my first RF server. I didn't have this issue until attempting to upgrade to 2008, but also can't recall that specific version either.