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  1. About Dialy quets

    I've moved your threads to the Support section. Use Guides for posting guides for other users and Support for requesting assistance.
  2. RF players will always cheat. It's a way of life at this point.
  3. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    As long as you scroll to the last column in the last data block, you'll always be able to confirm the correct final offset of the file. Find that offset in hex and remove anything after. It doesn't matter how the bytes were initially added or how many additional null bytes exist. Remove them all until the final null bytes in the data block. We're saying the same thing but you're assuming something different. The way you posted is the "hard" way. For newbies, simply scroll to the last block's final column in Structorian, note the offset, then remove anything after that offset. Structorian will highlight the data block you're working with. Remove everything after the final highlighted hex code when selecting the final column and the DAT will be fixed, easy as that. I've used this method back in the day with no issues, as long as the structure isn't completely wrong. This will work as long as your structure uses the proper block and column counts. Not everything has to be so complicated for beginners. Anyway, this is off-topic now. If you're seeing issues after edited DATS with this zone protection, try unmodified DAT files (scripts).
  4. [HELP]Template Corfokit version

    I didn't make this. I think he asked me if it was OK to post them. I told him I personally don't care but it was OK by forum rules anyway.
  5. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    You should re-read my post, specifically, steps 2 and 3. Scrolling to the final value in the final data block confirms the proper final offset of the file. It is implied not to remove any null bytes that exist within the data structure prior to the ending of the last data block (structure).
  6. request open-world fail

    Post the contents of your account, login, and zoneserver .INI configuration files in code or quote blocks so we can review your current configuration.
  7. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Extra bytes at the end of script files means the file was edited with an incorrect structure. Refer to "trimming null bytes" guides on how to correct them. The datcutter tool also works, although its good to know exactly what is being done here to understand the problem. Manual fix: Open your structure and script with Structorian. Select the final block, and scroll down to the bottom column of the last block. Check the hex editor view. Any null bytes showing after the last data column are bad data and must be deleted manually. Null bytes look like: "0F 3A 00 00 00 00 00". Note the offset or values of the final data column in the last block so you can find this in a hex editor. Open a hex editor, manually remove all null bytes (all the extra 0's), save the file. Your script dat file should now be "clean", and you should find a better structure to edit the file next time.
  8. RF Europe

    Their Facebook page and game website are worse than even the crappiest private servers. You'd think CCR would have some type of standard by now for companies wanting to host RF. I guess even for CCR its still just about the money. Like Agony mentioned, don't get your hopes up on anything new. RF publishers are restricted to the content CCR provides. Look forward to the same features on every other "retail" server.
  9. Prevent DDoS Attacks

    The only solution is a hardware firewall grabbing traffic before it reaches the server while still allowing legitimate requests through. Software level will do nothing against a good DDoS attack. A good attack will completely saturate the network, making it impossible or very hard for an outside client to connect. Some fancy OS level anti-DDoS software does nothing to protect you when the network is too saturated to even get the requests to your server. Trying to hide the server IP is a bit pointless. It doesn't address the actual problem. Using a DDoS protected IP proxy to bounce requests through can offer protection, but these configurations typically add too much extra latency for real time applications like MMOs. Go with a provider who offers some type of hardware firewall protection. OVH is a decent provider. SoYouStart and KimSufi are OVH resellers and usually have great deals. All providers have their own hit and miss issues. If you don't like OVH, find a provider with similar features. OVH actually has a well written page on their website about this topic. https://ovhcloud.com/products/security/anti-ddos
  10. Bank (Coin Exchange) no password error

    Thanks for sharing the fix anyway. It may help someone in the future.
  11. Website Updates

    Quoted posts have been updated to only display the first three lines of text. The rest of the text will be automatically minimized. Clicking "Read More" will show the rest of the quoted text. This change helps with reading through longer threads with a lot of quoted posts. Here is an example. Similar changes will be made to code blocks soon. I need some time to manually tweak the theme code as there are no IPB plugins available for easily altering code box appearance.
  12. Sword NoName

    Hmm, the sword doesn't quite suit ACC. I bet this would look pretty good on Cora though. Nice work! It's cool to see more artwork activity around here.
  13. These files work both local and over WAN. Set all server configs to your local IP, and for the zoneserver settings, add GATE_IP = YOUR_WAN_IP. This will allow server connections over WAN when your first system IP is a LAN IP.
  14. Be careful as this code is vulnerable to SQL injection. A more secure registration script would be using PDO for database connections. Most of the sweetbox code is exploitable.
  15. Yes, this was tested using all IPs set to