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    • Anyone can help me about ip config server and emulator .. which part of the settings should I change into wan ip and ip lan.. couse I change the server ip to my lan ip and emulator with wan ip but I can't connect to my server in other computer... but i can login in server computers,,,, I already open port in firewall and port forwarding in my router to,,,  
    • Today, the system hosting RF-Dev experienced an unexpected outage. The cause of the outage is being investigated. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    • Oh, I see. There is a similar mod on the IPB marketplace that I could use. However for now we were keeping normal members the default color. I usually like to reserve username colors for special usergroups. There are some groups with various benefits I wanted to create, and a colored username gives more meaning to them. For example, moderators are the only special color right now so that they stand out more. There are some community driven groups we are going to add as well, and its cool for members in those groups to have something a little different. More details on that later...  
    • You must be a registered member of RF-Dev and logged in to view this content. ah .... i think default is better.. or just make color
    • check this out @Ron i don't think if we can use this here You must be a registered member of RF-Dev and logged in to view this content.
    • What are you trying to test via reloading scripts? Majority of the things I can think of can actually can be solved by writing a program to externally test what would happen. Assuming your understanding of game mechanics is sound it would be faster for multiple rounds of testing than in-game ever would be.